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JOHOR BAHRU Mon (March 23, 2015): More than 50,000 people are expected to throng Danga Bay here every night beginning March 26 for the four-day free concerts featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in Malaysia and the world.
To be known as the “Iskandar Waterfront Carnival 2015”, it is a special treat to the people of Johor by Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (IWH) as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme
Image Credit: Iskandar Waterfront

During the four-day period, a series of exciting beach sports and games will also be held at Danga Bay as part of the official celebrations to mark the Coronation of DYMM Sultan of Johor.

The free open air concerts on the sprawling new terrace paved with interlocking bricks behind the Danga Bay Convention Centre and overlooking Straits of Johor into Singapore will be held nightly from 7.30pm.

Each night’s performance will showcase different local and international artistes from the United States, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. There will also be magic shows and pyro musical fireworks displays

The climax, however, will be March 29 when DYMM Sultan of Johor and the royal family is expected to also witness the show, which will culminate with a spectacular biggest-ever fireworks display.
Image Credit: Devian Art

This is the first time that some of the hottest names in international music scene are being brought to Johor Bahru for the entertainment and enjoyment of the general public.
Among those performing will be the Korean four-piece SISTAR, which has an enormous global following. Since their introduction in 2011, this all-girl group has won multiple hits and is now ranked among the top 10 K-Pop groups now.
Image Credit: Google

Similarly, T-Ara from South Korea is another glamorous band with legions of fans all round the world. This incredible group that is fun-loving and upbeat is also known for its diverse music.

Australian born pop star, Havana Brown, will also thrill audiences here. The phenomenally successful singer, dancer and DJ has toured the world and a much sought-after entertainer.

Taboo, a key member of the world-famous “Black Eyed Peas” will also be performing, in addition to current Indonesian hot favourite Dato Ross.

Big names in Malaysia such as Fuying & Sam, Sheila Majid, Alleycats, Jacklyn Victor, Faizal Tahir, Shila Amzah and Penny Tai have also been signed up to thrill local fans during the four-day concert.

“The concerts are absolutely free….it is our way of saying “Thank You” to the people for their support,” said IWH spokesman Gary Lee Seaton.
“I also wish to confirm that all the international artistes will be coming to Johor and performing as scheduled in Danga Bay” he added
The concert schedule is as follows:
March 26: Nicole Tai (Astro talent search star), Rossa (Indonesia), SISTAR (all girls K-Pop group from South Korea); 

March 27: Geraldine Gan (Astro talent search star), Jacklyn Victor, Sheila Majid, Penny Tai;

March 28: Crystal Lee, Fuying & Sam (Taiwan), Alleycats and Faizal Tahir;

March 29: Shila Amzah, T-Ara (Korean K-Pop group), Havana Brown (USA) and Taboo (a member of “Black Eyed Peas”).

“Ample free parking space will be provided, with clear signages, for the public to come for the concerts without any hassle. A tram service is also available for those parking some distance away from the concert venue,” added Gary Seaton.

He advised members of the public to come early because of massive crowds expected to turn up for the shows.

Meanwhile, all beach sports and games will be flagged off on March 26 at Danga Bay at 8am. These activities will continue daily until March 29, which will culminate with the prize giving ceremony for champions by DYMM Sultan of Johor.

The events include beach volleyball, netball, soccer and tug-a-war. Also included is a F3000 Powerboat Race, Boat Floats Parade and Competition and a Cycle-around-Johor Race.

The public can visit www.iskandarwaterfront.com for full details. 

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 FREE is a catchy word for some ladies. With some easy steps, you can get  free gift easily. Here are the list I compiled from my past experience.


LINE App have lot of online free gift contest. During lunch time, you can just check out any notification on LINE app, just a few clicks, you may be the lucky winner

2) Newspaper 

Newspaper usually will host some free giveaway or simple contest for prizes. Do read newspaper often

3) Giveaway by Blogs

Some bloggers will host some simple giveaway. Do remember to follow your favorite bloggers. 

4) Sample Stores

Sample stores is a concept for users to try out free sample. However, all this sample depend on each person skin type.

5) Online Paid Survey

Some online survey company do use reward points to attract users to fill up survey form. You can earn some free gift vouchers by this method

6) Facebook Page

Facebook page is another method for free giveaway. The technique is usually like and share the post. However, the chances of wining are relatively slim.

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31 January 2015
Image Credit: www.concoren.com

Gua Sha (刮痧) is a modality used across Asia both in the clinic or home and now in the West. It is a traditional Chinese Medical treatment (TCM) which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising. Practitioners believe gua sha releases unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing.
Extracted from Wikipedia and The Science of Gua Sha
Gua Sha on the eye is new lesson for me. Ms. JoJo, The beautician of Total Perfection explained further the difference between Gua and Sha. Gua () is the action of brushing lightly on skin.  Sha () is let the unhealthy elements to display on the skin surface. This treatment only focus on "Gua".
Image Credit: www.beautyoutsider.com

Gua action can help to massage the lymph nodes around the eyes area. Thus, blood circulation around eye area improve.

Relaxing area for treatment.

Benefits of the eye gua sha detox treatment:
  • Attain a brighter, radiant and healthier skin 缓解眼睛老化,使眼睛明亮
  • Detoxifies skin 皮肤排毒,活血化瘀
  • Relieve eye fatigue 缓解眼睛疲劳
  • Eye Contour Lifting 提升眼皮下垂
  • Iron out fine lines and wrinkles 淡化细纹和皱纹
  • Promotes blood circulation, activates energy 促进血液循环,激活能量
  • Release stress of the eyes 释放眼睛的压力
  • Improve dark circles 改善鼻子敏感引起的黑眼圈
  • Improve eyes bags/ puffy eyes 眼袋/浮肿的眼睛
    Skin condition is analyzed before treatment.

    The treatment is suitable for ladies
    • myopia / shortsighted
    • dark eye problem
    • eye soreness
    • prolonged computer workers
    Picture speak louder than word. The wrinkle is gone. My panda eye symptoms is reduced.

    Non-member : RM108.00
    Member : RM86.00

    Total Perfection Face & Body Spa
    9A, Jalan Harmonium 23/14,
    Taman Desa Tebrau,
    81100 Johor Bahru,

    Operating Hours
    Tuesday to Sunday
    10am - 8pm
    (Off Monday)

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    马来西亚是多元种族的国家。感恩小时候,有学华文, 现在可以用汉语拼音来打出华语字。乐乐很佩服华文的博客。他们很用心地分享他们的心得,介绍好吃好住。可惜,不是每个人会明白他们的苦心。然后,有商业头脑的家伙们就把这些好文章来做生意。博客的文章不是海里的鱼,而 是心血与时间的经营。


    2)但是有人会割那照片或栽图/print screen
    • watermark 放满整张照片
    • 和网站的负责人联络
    • 收费。现今的婚纱店会收一张照片= RM80 - RM95 。 博客可以以市价(RM30 - RM100,看照片品质) 来收费。当然,2015年4月起,马来西亚将会实行GST。博客也可以收6%。 因为售卖照片与文章是服务业。
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    November 2014

    A photo posted by LerLer (@lerlerchan) on

    A photo posted by LerLer (@lerlerchan) on

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    7 December 2014

    "Sedangkan seorang Ibu mampu menjaga sepuluh orang anak. Tetapi, mampukah sepuluh anak menjaga seorang Ibu. ~ extracted from Salwa"

    Recently, my friend, Salwa is guiding me this Malay statement. A mother can take care of 10 children. But, can the 10 children take good care of a mother.  Thanks to Wecomed Skin Centre, I got the invitation to give a great skin treatment for my mother. 

    Wecomed Skin Center?

    A revolutionary kin center that provides proprietary CLAPS (Combined Light & Aqua Peel System) Treatment that is Superb, Affordable, Safe and Effective (SAFE). Wecomed Skin Centre is established under APEX Cosmeceutical. The sister companies, IDO'S Clinic and ido's cosmeceutical are recognized in Malaysia and Singapore

    My mother is working in academic industry. She spends most of her time guiding students and planing assignment. CLAPS treatment do not have squeeze or peeling. The treatment is painless too. The whole process can be completed in 30 minutes. To add on, the treatment is very suitable for busy working adult.

    The 5 steps of CLAPS Treatment

    1) Consultation by beautician
    2) Clean Face
    3) CLAPS Treatment

    Step 1: Aqual Peel
     To remove black head and dirt on face. 

    Step 2: CPL (Cyro Pulsed Light)
     Using infra light technology, the ampule is insert into the second layer of skin layer. 

     Step 3: DDW (Deep Dermal Wave) 
     The special 5 tips machine help to tighten the skin and reduce wriggle. 

     Step 4: Ultrasound
    our skin have 4 layers. Using this ultra sound machine, the serum can be inserted to the deepest layer in the skin. Thus, at this stage, you can see a great improvement on face. 

    Steps 5: Perfect Mask
    Moisturizing mask  is applied for 10 minutes at the resting area.

    4) After applied mask, beautician will guide you on some basic skin care knowledge
    5) Applied sun block before stepping out. Now, you have "brand new" and clean face.

    This time, I used Facebook photo album to showcase the CLAPS treatment. The detail of each procedure can be view here.

    Picture speak louder than word. You can see the whitening effect after 30 minutes.
    The treatment is very suitable for guy too. I will let my Mr. Ang experience it before Chinese New Year. Stay Tune for the male version.

    PS: I think I can hear Mr. Ang shocking gasp. heheheh

    Wecomed Skin Centre
    174, Jalan Dato Sulaiman,
    Taman Abad, 
    80250 Johor Bahru,
    Tel: +6012-7340955

    GPS: 1.487074,103.7623687

    The package list provided by Wecomed Skin Centre.

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    Disney’s FROZEN Sing-A-Long will be screened in selected TGV Cinemas for four weeks, beginning from December 4 to 28, 2014. Fans of the movie can relive the fun and friendship of the memorable characters like siblings, Elsa and Anna, Olaf and Kristoff and sing along out loud to their favourite songs. They will be guided by a bouncing snowflake over the on-screen lyrics during the songs.

    Disney’s FROZEN Sing-A-Long will be screened at eight TGV Cinemas locations – TGV Cinemas 1Utama, TGV Cinemas Sunway Pyramid, TGV Cinemas Wangsa Walk, TGV Cinemas Encorp Strand, TGV Cinemas Cheras Sentral, TGV Cinemas Bukit Indah and TGV Cinemas Gurney Paragon. Moms, dads and fans of the movie can buy tickets (RM12) via the website (www.tgv.com.my) or at the locations.

    FROZEN is currently ranked as the highest-grossing animated film of all time edged past ‘Toy Story 3’. The movie also won numerous awards such as the prestigious Academy Awards – Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (Let It Go), Best Animated Film by Critics Associations, Golden Globe Awards for Best Animated Feature and more last year. In addition, the soundtrack was also on top of the Billboard 200 chart for 10 weeks which broken the record of an animated film soundtrack.

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