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Natural Soup Gallery at KSL Mall, Johor Bahru.

What are the specialty of Natural Soap?

Natural Soap Gallery provides different kind of natural products.

Different kids of bath soaps with different benefits. Bath salt is used to rub off death skin. Ms Audrey have explained the benefits of bath salt. 

Rows of different functionality soaps. Essential oil and moisture creams.

What are the benefits of using Natural Soap?

  • environmental friendly - biodegradable on earth
  • suitable for South East Asia's weather
  • more creamier and luxurious
  • handmade soap took 30 days to complete the process of saponification. Thus, all the natural goodness like Glycerin was kept in the soap. (Glycerin is like a natural  skin softener)
  • It will not irritate your allergies

Thanks to Natural Soap Gallery and Ms Kim Tan, we got to experience four products.

1. Mugwort Herb Soap
Mugwort Herb Soap

I have eczema.  It is a kind of skin inflammation or itchiness.  For me, the inflammation often occur at my arm pit, elbow, ankle and behind my knee.  It is very embarrassment moment for me to wear short part or short skirt. My father often said my skin look like snake. This really sadden me. Since young, doctor advice me to use Dove shower cream. It is neutral and curb the itchiness.

I don't dare to use this soap on my body. I still waiting for my doctor consent. This soap smell like bubble gum. Currently I tested this soap with my hands. It is good. There is no itchiness on my hand. The skin on my fingers do not crack that much.

2. Soothing Essential Oil Roller 6ml
Soothing Essential Oil Roller

My job required me to face computer, smartphone 8 hours long. Sometime, I need to do some network maintenance in very cold server room. This build up intense stress and burden on my shoulder.  Have you experience stiffness on your shoulder?  I experience it everyday. 

The oil roller has a small metal ball on it. It  control the right amount of essential oil when applied on shoulder. Roller have massage effect too. I felt relieved when applied it. Another great feature is the herb smell is not that strong. Even if you applied in the office,  the smell will not affect other colleagues. It really save my "stiff" shoulder days. 

3. Neroli Hydrosol Floral Water 50ml
Photo Credit: Soap Gallery

Previously, I attended Clinique workshop. The couch mentioned that a normal human skin cell process  took 28 days.  However, due to exposure to sun, environment and aging problem, cell process may take more than 28 days.

 Neroli flower essential can promote cell regeneration for aging and wrinkles skin. Addition to it, It is suitable for all kind of skin.  I had been trying on this floral water with my mum for 2 weeks. No significant result yet.

Since my sister likes the floral water , I will wait for her result.

4. Grapefruit Lip Balm
Grapefuit Lip Balm

There are many lip balm products in the market. The reason I choose this is the grapefruit fragrance. The fragrance is very natural. It is like the sweet smell when you cut a grapefruit. I really like this smell.

As an office lady in fully air conditioned working environment, my skin dehydrated faster. This lip balm reduce my lip from cracking. Now I do not experience lip pain when yawning.

Gift options

Ladies and Gentlemen,  are you facing trouble for the coming "gift" season? Chinese New Year? Valentine Day? Anniversary? Birthday Present? Gift Exchange?
I found some solutions.

Flower Soap  Bouquet.
 I really like this one. The soap is mold into rose shape. It is decorated to feather too. I am a huge fan of Clamp anime. If you remember anime, " Tsubasa Chronicle Reservior", feather in the anime is an art piece. It symbolize memories between love one.  Is it romantic? Oohhh I just love that anime and manga..... (PS: please excuse author went into anime otaku mode)

Fragrance pendant
 It will be a great present for jewelry and essential lover. You can just wear it mix and match with your fashion. Some people may be allergic to perfume. The necklace save them from itchiness.  Just add some essential oil in it. The fragrance will stay with you. 
Photo Credit: Kim Tan. Please refer to her blog post for the instruction and usage. 

Natural Handmade Soap Gift Sets
This gift sets is suitable for all age group. I like the concept it was packed in recyclable material. 

Soap Making Course
Enjoy the soap making class with your loved one, family members, friends or kid. By the end of the class, You can enjoy the soap of  your labor. Natural Souap Gallery do provide soap making course for corporate team building activities and class room projects 

Online Shop 
No time to shop? Just order it online by visit their online store.

For more information, Please visit:
网页 Website:  http://www.naturalsoap.my/
面子书 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naturalsoap.my
安卓 Android App :Natutal Soap App



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