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7 December 2014

"Sedangkan seorang Ibu mampu menjaga sepuluh orang anak. Tetapi, mampukah sepuluh anak menjaga seorang Ibu. ~ extracted from Salwa"

Recently, my friend, Salwa is guiding me this Malay statement. A mother can take care of 10 children. But, can the 10 children take good care of a mother.  Thanks to Wecomed Skin Centre, I got the invitation to give a great skin treatment for my mother. 

Wecomed Skin Center?

A revolutionary kin center that provides proprietary CLAPS (Combined Light & Aqua Peel System) Treatment that is Superb, Affordable, Safe and Effective (SAFE). Wecomed Skin Centre is established under APEX Cosmeceutical. The sister companies, IDO'S Clinic and ido's cosmeceutical are recognized in Malaysia and Singapore

My mother is working in academic industry. She spends most of her time guiding students and planing assignment. CLAPS treatment do not have squeeze or peeling. The treatment is painless too. The whole process can be completed in 30 minutes. To add on, the treatment is very suitable for busy working adult.

The 5 steps of CLAPS Treatment

1) Consultation by beautician
2) Clean Face
3) CLAPS Treatment

Step 1: Aqual Peel
 To remove black head and dirt on face. 

Step 2: CPL (Cyro Pulsed Light)
 Using infra light technology, the ampule is insert into the second layer of skin layer. 

 Step 3: DDW (Deep Dermal Wave) 
 The special 5 tips machine help to tighten the skin and reduce wriggle. 

 Step 4: Ultrasound
our skin have 4 layers. Using this ultra sound machine, the serum can be inserted to the deepest layer in the skin. Thus, at this stage, you can see a great improvement on face. 

Steps 5: Perfect Mask
Moisturizing mask  is applied for 10 minutes at the resting area.

4) After applied mask, beautician will guide you on some basic skin care knowledge
5) Applied sun block before stepping out. Now, you have "brand new" and clean face.

This time, I used Facebook photo album to showcase the CLAPS treatment. The detail of each procedure can be view here.

Picture speak louder than word. You can see the whitening effect after 30 minutes.
The treatment is very suitable for guy too. I will let my Mr. Ang experience it before Chinese New Year. Stay Tune for the male version.

PS: I think I can hear Mr. Ang shocking gasp. heheheh

Wecomed Skin Centre
174, Jalan Dato Sulaiman,
Taman Abad, 
80250 Johor Bahru,
Tel: +6012-7340955

GPS: 1.487074,103.7623687

The package list provided by Wecomed Skin Centre.

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