How to Earn Free Gift in Malaysia?

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 FREE is a catchy word for some ladies. With some easy steps, you can get  free gift easily. Here are the list I compiled from my past experience.


LINE App have lot of online free gift contest. During lunch time, you can just check out any notification on LINE app, just a few clicks, you may be the lucky winner

2) Newspaper 

Newspaper usually will host some free giveaway or simple contest for prizes. Do read newspaper often

3) Giveaway by Blogs

Some bloggers will host some simple giveaway. Do remember to follow your favorite bloggers. 

4) Sample Stores

Sample stores is a concept for users to try out free sample. However, all this sample depend on each person skin type.

5) Online Paid Survey

Some online survey company do use reward points to attract users to fill up survey form. You can earn some free gift vouchers by this method

6) Facebook Page

Facebook page is another method for free giveaway. The technique is usually like and share the post. However, the chances of wining are relatively slim.

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