La Vie En Rose: The Heist - Agent Julietta

 Agent Julietta

She is sexy.

She is the bitch.

She is the top agent in the group with both brains and body.

In a remote hotel room, she slips on her black fishnet pantyhose. After that she turns to the safe and punches in a combination. There it is, the money. She takes a glance at a man on the bed. All tied up and unconscious.

She swiftly puts the money into her handbag and walks out the door. She smiles; Easy Job.

And as she walks down the hotel corridor, a girl in a black dress appears from the lift. Who is this?

Necklace :

Photos by Kelvin Ong
Makeup by Jennifer
Styled by Millionmars

The post is part of the first fashion editorial project by Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers.

Millions thanks you to

Want to read some behind the scenes story? Check it out >> HERE  (chinese version) << on 17 July 2014

Hope you enjoyed reading

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  1. You did great Ler! So proud of you!

  2. wow! cool shots! i like ;)

  3. Ler, this is such a different you! Different but good. I'm really proud of you for breaking out of your comfort zone to do this!!

  4. Nicole Yie, Audrey Tiow, Nick : Thank you #shy


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